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  • Click the link for the type of entry you are interested in submitting. This will take you to the Submittable form to enter all necessary information. If you have not previously created an account with Submittable, you will be asked to do so. If you don’t have all your information, you may come back to your submission and add information. Be sure to save where you currently are and revisit the link. 
  • Once you have completed your submission, the BABRM team will review your submission to be sure all information is complete. If you are missing information when submitting for a deadline, you will not receive a discount. 
  • You will receive an invoice and need to pay within one week to maintain your deadline fee. Failure to pay on time may result in additional fees. 
  • The BABRM team will be in touch to confirm the information before going into the proofing process.
Beautiful House

showcase Home

Showcase your new custom-built or spec home

Green Landscape

Community highlights

Spotlight your new development or subdivision to attract buyers for homes and lots for sale.

Bar Counter


Feature a complete home renovation or highlight a specific renovation or remodel project within a home.

House Neighbourhood


Present a home that’s still under construction, but will be ready soon.


Showcase Home

Early Bird Deadline
Monday, May 20th

Main Deadline
Tuesday, June 18th

Last Minute Deadline
Tuesday, July 30th

Renewed Space – Community Highlight – Coming Soon

Early Bird Deadline
Tuesday, June 18th

Main Entry Deadline
Tuesday, July 30th