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Have a question about the WNC Parade of Homes?

If this is your first time experiencing the WNC Parade of Homes, you might have a few questions or wonder what to expect. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive.

If you have more questions, then tap contact us to send us an email.

What is the WNC Parade of Homes?

The in-person WNC Parade of Homes tour occurs over two weekends in October. For 2023, you can tour the home in person on Oct. 7-8 and Oct. 14-15. You can tour the homes virtually year-round starting Oct. 7.

How much does it cost to attend the WNC Parade of Homes?

Nothing. The WNC Parade of Home is a FREE, self-guided tour of homes open to the public.

What if the home I really want to see isn’t open to the public?

It’s possible that the builder or the homeowner may need to close a home unexpectedly. If that happens, we’ll post that information to our Facebook and Instagram pages, so you’ll want to follow up for updates and last-minute changes. It’s also possible that the homeowner preferred the virtual-only option, and that means you can tour the home virtually on our website. 

Is the WNC Parade of Homes kid friendly?

Children are welcome on the tour; however, there aren’t any kid-specific activities for them on the tour. We ask that you keep your children close to you while touring each home. Please keep in mind that a home’s landscaping may not be kid friendly. No running. No jumping on furniture. No yelling. No wandering off unattended. 

Do I have to register in order to be able to attend the tour?

While you do not have to register to attend the WNC Parade of Homes, it’s a great idea to sign up for the Parade of Home newsletter (on the top of the website) so that you’ll have the latest news and information about the parade. Also, many builders will have a guest book at the entrance to their homes. They would greatly appreciate it if you sign in before you enter. 

Do I need to create an account to tour the homes virtually?

You can tour each home virtually from wherever you are without creating an account. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get inspired by the many unique homes showcased during the WNC Parade of Homes. 

Do I need to remove my shoes before entering each home?

Please follow the instructions at each home for guidance on whether you’ll need to take off your shoes. Some homeowners and some builders will prefer that you remove your shoes or wear protective covers over your shoes as a way to protect the home from dirt and wear. Please honor that request whenever possible.

Are any of the homes handicap and mobility device accessible?

For questions about accessibility during in-person tours, please contact BABRM at (828) 299-7001 or reach out to us via our contact page.

Do I need the magazine in order to tour the WNC Parade of Homes? Where can I pick up a copy?

While you don’t need it per se, the WNC Parade of Homes magazine is the must-have accessory for your parade experience. It’s the perfect way to keep track of your tour plans, favorite homes and builders, and notes. Pick up a copy at various locations around the region or we’ll mail one to you.   

May I take pictures of the homes?

Yes! Unless there is specific notice asking attendees to refrain from photographing a home, you are free to take all the photos you want of the home. Just be sure to tag us on social media with #WNCParadeofHomes so we can share you post, too! 

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